vineri, 2 noiembrie 2007

Love - Revista Poezia, toamnă 2004

you sleep / naked like a bliss dishevelled /within me
troubling the first cry of the earth
God gave it to me
when I was conceived
of the lack of pain of the primeval dark

and in that church where the years increase in number
all along with us
where two icons /of the two gods
kept looking at each other /like two pieces of life
you divided me
as if an apple
into hatred and love
your eyes were two tears carved from my prayer
you pulled out my flesh from my soul
my father, the night, with his life made pieces on
a day of Sunday
my mother the day counting the deaths of my father
watched me over until I passed away
in your blood

you divided me
as if an apple
into hatred and love
and I picked up the empty stones of the heart
.thrown away by you
they keep lying quiet for the sake of love
on the sole of my brother for ever-clay

I wish I passed away
lying between the dreams of you and me coming after one another during the seven days
in the palm ever come down of this moment
to scatter to the winds again the flesh on my soul
watched over by my father, the night, and my mother, the day

Never The One Chosen

Enchained by fortune / not dead
germinating in none of the bodies in bloom /
crashed by the words sowed in the flesh where
while dressing his soul descends
the fate-poem / got free among the fingers of the muses
burst into buds of oblivion on his head before the alpha hour –
he stays crucified / old slave of life / between
the happy events
the news he listens to about the moment when he is bound to be born /
came to him
before he kept quiet together with the still stars
of the living
– as the suffering stopped breathing in him- a pilgrim
among the faces-the miraculous with an old-fashioned smile –
left in the looking-glasses

if you wish to praise him/ love him/ feel pity for him
leave him all by himself in oblivion so as to come down


The mankind was created of forests of tears/
off the eyelashes of God / from each tear dripped
our hearts, one by one, smelling of life
Adam bit Eve’s breast and sipped up the poison
of the first cry
. on the pages of Eve’s lips / there came out shades burst into buds of hatred. suffering / God
transplanted her smile in every shadow /in every
cheek of the fruits
spring has accepted the people/ the forests have accepted
their wild animals
.the dawn has burst from under the sky’s eyelids
.the sky-meek beggar of the angels
has got dimensions loaded with bitterness
.the wonders have become game/ the gods have run away
through the windows of the souls

.the wind flows through the veins of the mankind / where float the tears
of the beginnings with their petals scattered over the wings
of the angels
spread open to prayer.

(from Antologia 2003, Biblioteca Revistei Convorbiri Literare,
Editura Convorbiri Literare, Iasi, 2004)
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