vineri, 2 noiembrie 2007

Passion - Revista Poezia, vară 2002

o a love-transplanted day

with palms worn out by Eve’s smile
I abandon myself along today’s cheek
stepping on myself
with soles chapped with road’s desire
- never sipped in by my passing days -
as a fall’s fingers-yellowed leaf

I knee inside my mother’s womb
the earth
bows within your eyes – a dew-kissed flower –
then it blinks like the day

rain shall I be
on your love-whispering lips


Ever calling for me your arms are
your breasts wait for me to appear near them
an always thirsty lip
your thighs
a longing song
twisted amongst life’s fingers
to my heart
- an open path -
calls for me

your eyes
transplanted themselves inside me
buds breathing kisses
your smile burns me on the days to be
stamp and stigma
yearning and amazement to me
your lips hold me with forgetting myself
I am the core of your day
your life I am
for you
I am dying away from this world


Violins are crying on my heart
spreading themselves
like the virgin’s locks over the first kiss
their bodies burn
consuming themselves
scattering about
spring snow
the grass is out of the world
intertwining with the bow’s body

I open myself – a book with an awaiting heart
and the music enters
my alleys

just like the angel
I accompany myself beyond the earth

(Versiunea în limba engleza: Anca DASCALU)