vineri, 2 noiembrie 2007

Haiku şi Tanka - Revista Poezia, primăvară 2002

The night is hidden
amidst the trees in the park
obi over the river

Love running across
the lake your regretful sigh
spreads in the foliage

Years undergo me
let them fall to the ground
all my loves flow through my veins

and faces and oaths also
as in a kami-mono

Sigh is my moment
under eyelids kisses fall
weaving longing dream

just when the night steps forward
I am the soleness's page

Flowing yukaze
again creates your bosoms
out of the night-thread

Withered memories
faded due to visages
besides kaigan

As sasayaki
pours out the weary ages
while sifting my love

Heavens - far away
alone I am and look back
there - granma's image

Small dropping raining
supports the wounded heavens
they - autumn's heitai

Ingenuous leaves
simply dew-like tears - kaghe
torn out of dying

1 Centura.
2 Piesa de teatru No avînd ca subiect povesti cu zei.
3 Adiere de seara
4 Malul marii
5 Soaptele
6 Soldati
7 Umbra

(Versiunea engleza de Anca Dascalu)